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The Fairbank Group - Mountain Resort

The Sledgehammer™ snow gun is setting new standards for performance in the snowmaking industry. 


Bullwheel Productions helps ski resorts meet the challenges of training their staff using powerful online technology.

The Fairbank Group - Snowgun Technologies

Snowgun Technologies (SGT) is the latest endeavor for the Fairbank Group. SGT is the exclusive sales and distribution company of the LPXY Sledgehammer™snow gun. This technology is setting new standards for performance in the industry and has been created over decades of passionate research and development through a partnership with LP Snowsystems, LLC.

“We believe our new snowmaking technology will have a positive, profound impact on our industry. Resorts are able to utilize 80-90% of their water pumping capacity, at all times, with a fraction of compressed air. This enables more terrain to get open faster while being very cost-effective and providing guests more reliable downhill terrain than ever before.

“When your resort depends on you to make the snow, the Sledgehammer will make early-season snowmaking more effective and help reduce financial risk.”
– Brian H. Fairbank


Bullwheel Productions helps ski resorts across the country meet the challenges of training their staff with powerful online, on-demand technology. The Lift Attendant Training Program provides streamlined, web-based training that is both easy to implement and easy to manage. It saves time and money at every stage in the training process, and provides employees with the resources to excel at their job. Overall training times are reduced, and management resources are maximized.

The Fairbank Group - Bullwheel Productions
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